2000 years of Antisemitism:why is that?

I’ve been researching Judaic beliefs looking for answers to the relationship between two thousand years of antisemitism and how Christianity is taught and practiced. It now seems conclusive that Christianity is a religion that tenuously links the two religions, and is intentionally offensive to Judaic principles and philosophy. In fact Judaism as practiced and taught from the Tanahk undermines, and delegitimizes the Christian religion in essential contradictions that is not a natural prelude to it. 

The Jews do not believe in Original Sin, or in the ability of another person to pay for another persons sins. The central theme of Jesus is a belief that he suffered his crucifixion in order to pay for the sins of all mankind including original sin. 

Judaic theology believes that sin is a personal consequence of failing to live observing the Torah. The only way to correct for this failing is to apologize to God and to change the behavior. In Judaism sin is not an abstraction, or a commodity to be shared by descendants as it is in Christianity, instead sin is not extendable beyond the individual to the group.

So in Judaism Jesus could not have been a sin sacrifice for all mankind. This idea is offensive to Jews.

In Judaism there is only one God and man cannot be God. In Christianity, with the Trinity, polytheism is introduced as well as a pagan like man-God.

In Judaism there is no Hell, no Afterlife, and no Heaven. In Judaism Satan is not a noun but a verb meaning “a hindrance”. In Christianity Satan is Gods rival who in opposition to absolute good is absolute evil, and is a personage. 

In Judaism Heaven is on earth in life while in Christianity Heaven is a sterile concept as a place of purposelessness utterly devoid of anything interresting and is the place souls go for accepting Jesus as their savior. 

Savior in Judaism is used in reference to political or physical harm while in Christianity it’s an intangible term referring to resume from sin as a general commodity.

In Judaism the Afterlife is the idea that you live on in the memory of your friends and family. In Christianity the Afterlife is immortality of something nonphysical that survives the body. But Christians never say where their immortal soul was before they were born, so it had a beginning. So the word Eternal is misapplied because it would have always been and will be forever to be eternal. Jews believe only God is eternal(no beginning and no ending).

The differences just go on, and on, and on to the point that you begin to see that it is impossible for Christianity to have grown out of Judaism. In fact Judaism discredits Christianity on so many fundamental levels that the only thing left for Christians to do is to demonize, persecute, and abuse the religion, or to abandon their own religion as phony.

Jews know how to read and they are the experts on reading Hebrew. They know what their texts teach and that Christianity is not in any way compatible with it. And yet Christians are demanding that they recant, instead of just leaving them in peace it’s always been an immoral war against them. The love of Jesus my ass!

Jesus isn't God, but instead a commodity used by Christians like the concept of original sin, hereditary sin and abstract sin. It's befitting that they are representing him as a commercial character because it parallels corporate, insane Christianity. If you don't like the truth then go to Hell, a place that didn't exist in the texts until the Christian gospels.
Jesus isn’t God, but instead a commodity used by Christians like the concept of original sin, hereditary sin and abstract sin. It’s befitting that they are representing him as a commercial character because it parallels corporate, insane Christianity. If you don’t like the truth then go to Hell, a place that didn’t exist in the texts until the Christian gospels.


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  1. Thank you for writing your blog, and I am intrigued with your statement: “Jews do not believe in Hell, Satan or the Afterlife.” In studying Jewish history, I found that the Sadducees did not believe in heaven, angels, hell, et. al., but that the Pharisees did believe in all of it. Is it true that currently all Jews believe as the Sadducees did?

  2. There is no reference to Satan(as a noun), Hell or an Afterlife in the Torah or Talmud, and so Jews at the time of Christ did not believe in them.
    After Christianity was established the Jews struggled with these ideas because of Christian pressure and still today struggle to find a reason to believe in an afterlife. Some reluctantly concede that you have an afterlife by living in the memories of your family and friends you leave behind.
    It is understood that this undermines Christianity and so Jews have been demonized for 2000 years.

  3. I appreciate your post and thoughts. I would like to clarify that not all Christian’s hold the view you presented. Myself, and many other Christians I know, do not hold the negative view of Judaism and the Jewish people discussed here. Biblically speaking, the Jewish people are God’s first chosen people and the foundation of all of Jesus’ teachings are based upon this fact and the true intent behind and fulfillment of the Law and covenants made in the Bible. I’d love to see a future post here that presents this perspective.

  4. The whole point is that Judaism conflicts with Christianity because in it there is no Heaven, Hell, Satan or Afterlife! Given that Christianity believes in these ideas and the Jews do not means that Judaism is in fundamental conflict with Christianity. This is significant because Christianity emerged from Judaism and the two are in fundamental opposition on the nature of god! Christianity is not an independent, stand alone religion!
    And so the historical dehumanizations of Jews is the result of this conflict. I am not talking about the implied goodness of Christians because this is a myth. I am talking about the evil done throughout history resulting from contradictory stories!

  5. You are right that there have been innumerable acts of hatred and violence in the name of Christianity. Along with similar atrocities done in the name of many belief systems. And, yes, there is a huge fundamental difference between the two. And, there are similarities. What the human race does with what God teaches does not change His fundamental identity and message. The enemy has made an art of using illusion to distort truth. Sweeping generalities about either view only serve to increase this.

    It sounds as if you have been savagely hurt. For this, I am truly saddened. I pray that you are given a wave of peace and healing.

  6. The fact that you think you speak for god means conflict. And this post was not about other belief systems but about Christian denialism and aggression! When you lecture people claiming the authority of god over them then you are creating hate and conflict so that hiding behind your religion is meaningless.

  7. Christianity is not compatible with Judaism for obvious reasons and so they have historically been adversaries. The blood of millions of Jews is on the hands of so called Christians and you are no better, I can tell by your comment!

  8. To who, your imaginary little friend? Are you catholic and talk to statues?
    Do you believe in Santa also?
    The fact is you can’t wrap your brain around the truth and so you have moved on to grasp at straws! Pffft! 🤪

  9. A concise histrocal Viwe. The seven universal commandments are the link, between Judaic and Christains. The Universal Commandments were taught snd well extablished within tne known world up until the destruction of tne secound temple of Solomon Temple. With The Roman invasion after the Uprising of Jerusalem.
    Like this post

  10. Then you should read them and pray for yourself! It’s all got nothing to do with this post, so take it somewhere else!

  11. Hell & Afterlife:
    Daniel 12:2 (CSB)
    2 Many who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to eternal life, and some to disgrace and eternal contempt.

    Reference to a resurrection, and “disgrace and eternal contempt” certainly seem to be a pointer to “hell”.

    Job 19:26–27 (CSB)
    26 Even after my skin has been destroyed, yet I will see God in my flesh. 27 I will see him myself; my eyes will look at him, and not as a stranger. My heart longs within me.

    Isaiah 26:19 (CSB)
    19 Your dead will live; their bodies will rise. Awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust! For you will be covered with the morning dew, and the earth will bring out the departed spirits.

    Job 1-2 – Satan is mentioned several times, starting in Job 1:6.

    Zechariah 3:1–2 (CSB)
    1 Then he showed me the high priest Joshua standing before the angel of the LORD, with Satan standing at his right side to accuse him. 2 The LORD said to Satan: “The LORD rebuke you, Satan! May the LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Isn’t this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?”

    1 Chronicles 21:1 (CSB)
    1 Satan rose up against Israel and incited David to count the people of Israel.

  12. The word satan as used in the Hebrew Scriptures is not a noun, it’s a verb and so if you talk to a real Jewish scholar he will tell you he does not believe in the Christian character of Satan(with a capital “S”). This is yet another intentional falsification of the original texts done by those who invented Jesus.

  13. I won’t claim to know the Hebrew language, nor be especially insightful to the beliefs of the Jews at the ktime of Christ and prior concerning whether they believed in capital-S satan or not. It does seem odd that 2 of the 3 “satan” verses supplied have a definitive article prior, the 3rd does not… so would seem to me that either there is “the” accuser and/or the 3rd is a proper name. But I’m happy to move on from it, because I’m not convinced the significance you place upon a Jewish belief in there being a capital-S satan is warranted.
    Further, of the three things you mentioned that “Jews don’t believe in”: Hell, afterlife, and Satan… the only one you take issue with the provided scripture on is apparently Satan. So it would seem that’s all you are truly concerned about: Jews not believing in capital-S satan. And that, I believe, certainly does not warrant the conclusions you come to.
    Finally, won’t even approach the gross misrepresentation of the Christian faith.
    I have enjoyed the bit of research and thought though, so I do thank you.

  14. Christianity is not a continuation of Judaic beliefs as it pretends. In fact organized Christians have demonized Jews blaming calling them evil because of this. How are the facts a gross misrepresentation when Christians are just as nuts and evil as Wahhabi Islam? Who’s fault is it that those who invented Christianity had an anti Semitic and pro Roman agenda?

  15. The notion of Satan, used within NT writings, develops from the cultural understanding that existed in Jewish thought of the time. It is true that later developments move dramatically away from these cultural understandings but that is not the same as implying that Christians invented the concept. It is perhaps better to say that the Church lost its understanding of how the notion of Satan was being used. This can be seen in the book of Revelation (clearly written by a Jewish-Christian thinker). For John of Patmos, Satan (the Great Dragon) is not a supernatural being. It is the first earthly enemy of the Church (and no, that wasn’t Rome).

  16. So Satan does not exist in the Jewish tradition as an ego. And Hell does not exist at all in the Jewish tradition and so there is no need for an evil throne in hell for Satan as is the Christian story.
    Either Christianity has to be in agreement with the Jewish tradition or admit it has nothing truly in common with this tradition. So if the Jews are right about their own religion then Christianity is a lie!

  17. A small point, but in fact Hebrew Scripture does make use of “the satan” or “a satan” – that is, “the adversary” or “an adversary” – that is as a noun.

    As the gentleman in the second video notes, the *first* occurrence of the relevant term is as a verb. But there are a number of other occurrences as a nominative.

    This is, of course, not the same thing as saying that the adversary or adversaries referred to in Hebrew Scripture expresses the same idea expressed by “Satan” in Christian Scripture.

  18. Of course you’re right that there is and has been anti-semitism. If anything it’s on the rise today. But I’m not convinced it’s due to Christian doctrinal differences with Judaism. And, unlike you apparently, I haven’t experienced Christian churches trying to emphasize the continuity between Judaism and their beliefs, with the possible exception of Messianic Jewish or Hebrew Roots groups. If anything, in my experience, churches try to distance themselves are far as possible from adherence to or advocacy for “the Law”.

    But the far larger problem here is that the term “Christian” has been diluted, care of the modern institutionalized church, to the point that it is at best meaningless, and at worst the source of compelling indictments against “Christianity” as observers of the behavior of self-professed “Christians” conlcude: “If that’s the way you people operate, I don’t want any”. Anyone can label themselves a christian. Very, very few actually are; that is, fully repentent, dependent followers of Christ. And none of those are anti-semitic.

  19. The problem isn’t ” you people”, it’s the Christian Church that has doctrines that completely oppose Judaic beliefs and so Judaism has always been a threat to Christianity and because of this Christians have been mistreating the Jews for 2000 years.
    And it makes no difference that the churches do not as openly advocate hostility as much as they used to, the damage has been achieved and has momentum.
    Jews do not believe in Satan, Hell, Afterlife, Jesus, that man could be god(this is ridiculous to them), human blood sacrifice, original sin, blood sacrifice not compliant with the Talmud(in a temple etc..not in an open field), that one person can pay for the sins of another.
    If you are really interested in the truth look at jewsforjudaism.ca, watch the videos and learn! Christianity is a poorly constructed, tenuous, pagan adaptation of Judaism and cannot have flowed from Judeism organically.
    I certainly can’t help you to see the truth any more than if you help yourself that Christianity is based on fraud and rather than admit this has always needed to destroy the Jews to hide this secret.

  20. QUESTION? My two cents worth.. Why focus on Christianity? This is the first notion I have of the Jewish staunch stand against Christianity. Why not against the Muslims? For goodness sake! This is PREPOSTEROUS! Ridiculous.laughable in the sight of the Almighty Creator of everything in existence including us and Satan. Psalms 2. Not Christianity–all religions devised by the human mind. The fact? Our human mind’s imaginary conceptions of everything under the sun IS what it is. No regrets. No longer accusations of any kind. For.of sinners? I am chief but for the Almighty’s grace and love for me and for you.

    Yes! Satan is under the Almighty’s control and authority. Regardless! Despite it all? Despite all our ridiculous miss-conceptions about it all? O thank goodness! The Almighty Creator’s passionate love for His creation, for His world? Shall now be evident to ALL nations, to all people. Isaiah 48 and many other passages in the Torah and even in the newer Scriptures.

    Now? That’s all brand new to me. Never before have I seen or understood one iota of it all until now. Now, at the very last day of 2018. Anew. Fresh start? That’s our 2019 year for us all. Magical is the word! Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

    BTW? Your like? On time. All nations. all humans, this time? We all see and understand. 🙂

  21. The Christians are the intolerant ones, not the Muslims. Why would a discussion on Christian fraud and intolerance towards Jews include Islam, unless you want to introduce a distraction that’s irrelevant?
    If you want to know the truth Jews for Judaism has a large library of Rabbinical lectures explaining how Christianity is not based on Judaic principles and is a fake religion because it is dependent on but not consistent with it.

  22. Not intended to open up a debate or discussion. I merely expressed my own ignorance along with every human being so far.
    Connection or not? Misunderstood or not? The Almighty is in control of it all. No problem. No need for human knowledge of any kind. It’s all vanity a striving after the wind and a feeding on it. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

  23. You may not understand the Antisemitism from Christians but the Christian leadership is and has always known and so has encouraged the persecution. The Judeic religion proves Christianity is fake and has no concept of the Judaic God….in fact Judaism is strictly monotheistic and Christianity is polytheistic…this is not acceptable to the Torrah. Sunday is the Pagan Roman day of worship to the Roman Sungod cult of Mithras, so Christians are not worshipping YHWH but the pagan Roman God. The Catholic Church are idolterers, which is the Roman Pagan tradition of worshipping and praying to statues. I can’t go through it all for you.
    And Jews should have the right(they came first) to worship according to their texts, but this has infuriated Christianity that forces it’s garbage down everyone’s throat mindlessly!

    No apology for speaking the truth loudly. I practice love not my hateful views and opinions about corruption or SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. BEEN THERE DONE THAT! END OF DISCUSSION. Glad for the opportunity to speak up!

    Still much much much intense love for you for all Jews-Christians Muslims Atheists and what have you in this insanity ridden world for now that we inhabit.
    Soon we will all see the light from the darkness of our human minds! 🙂

  25. Christianity is just a big big lie, so don’t worry about anyone else and clean your own backyard!

  26. Well? Are you cleaning your own backyard? lol lol lol Truly? In the midst of this colossal mess that we have made of ourselves and of this loved world that we inhabit? In the midst or among it all? There is joy inexplicable with each sinner that like myself, is coming home where we belong–underneath His everlasting arms. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

    The Creator’s laughter is ringing! His child is coming home! Just woke up! My thinking? You and your comments. I thought I am going to blast him off his pedestal for good! But! My next thought, Father? Let me leg go of this upheaval in my soul that this child of Yours has caused me. Don’t let me get smug and join the crowd of sinners. You are in control of it all. I refuse to go or do ANYTHING as per my own ideas and thinking and feelings.

    With that? I came to the computer to check what’s happening in this maze called Internet. Ah! What now? Let see what’s his beef now? CLICK! WOW! He’s back for more? Click again. O my precious one, I don’t dare to call you brother because you might get offended if I do, but! You really are a precious one in the sight of the Almighty. That’s it. Got to get on with my own assigned task. No telling what am I to write next. We’ll see. Intense love for you and for all remains big time! thiaBasilia. 🙂

  27. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have responded. But your “Christianity is based on a fraud” statement changed that.

    You’re certainly right: Christianity isn’t an adaptation of Judaism. It’s its fulfillment in the form of Christ.

    The purpose of the Law (not its rabbinic extensions) was to lay out exactly what it took a person to live and act in a matter deemed righteous by God so that He would be glorified; and to prove to them that, by themselves, apart from Him, they were incapable of doing that. The Tanakh documents this in fine detail, documenting the LORD’s repeated appeals to Israel to put their faith in and obedience to Him, and their repeated refusals, other than a tiny remnant, to do so.

    This is why, despite countless extensions of mercy by the LORD, He ultimately ended the covenant with Israel that they themselves had consistently abrogated, judged them finally, and inaugurated the New Covenant that Jeremiah (Jer 31:31) had prophesied 500 years previously.

    The differences between Judaism and authentic (not institutional) Christianity are far more profound than some contrasting beliefs in a few secondary doctrines (Hell, Satan, etc.). They’re also more significant than whether a God-Man can atone for another man’s sin (instead of a lamb or goat).

    In the end, it’s the difference between ritual religion and faith, between an external God and One who makes His home (tabernacle) within, and between a people looking to God only for protection and provision and a people looking to serve God in thanksgiving for His faithfulness. The two peoples and their belief systems, like their two Covenants, could scarcely be more different.

    The thing that’s quite unbelievable about all of this is how it could have been that the Rabbis and Priests continued to miss the message the LORD was delivering to them through His prophets. How could they dismiss Jeremiah 31? How could they dismiss Isaiah 52-53 (the final servant song)? Or Isaiah 65? Or Ezekiel 34? Judaism wasn’t based on a fraud. It was based on the LORD’s instruction. But it was summarily dismissed and ignored. That is the true tragedy. And I, for one, have the deepest sympathy for faithful Jews today. They’re so close, yet have been led so very far away.

  28. Partner, Jews know how to read and especially how to read Hebrew! You don’t seem to get it. The Christian religion not only violates Jewish principles, and ethics it is the Anti-Judaic religion, that is entirely hostile and offensive to Judeism!
    If you want to keep running your baseless mouth off about your nonsense then don’t do it here!

  29. Hi Brain Warfare.
    First, thanks so much for stopping by my post on Bashing the Bible @Omnis Criticus and giving it a like. ❤

    I too am a little confused by your assertion that Christians have persecuted Jews. Especially considering that the entire history of the Jews, starting in at least the old testament (of which the first 5 books are what constitutes the Torah –did I get that right??) is mostly a history of Jewish persecution and warfare.

    I do understand that Christians started with Judaism then turned it into something not very related. But, I think the US, perceiving itself as a Christian country, actually goes out of its way to support Judaism as evidenced by the US playing a major role in the creation of the state of Israel and its continued support of that nation despite its many atrocities.

    That said, you are absolutely correct–to the degree that I know– that in the areas you mentioned the two faiths diverge. IN fact, whenever I listen to the lectures and defenses of Rabbis, I find them more reasoned and reasonable than almost anything that I've ever heard from Christian preachers.

    If your goal is to convince us that the Jews have been persecuted at the hands of the Christians for the last 2,000 years, it would help your position greatly to include a few salient examples. Thanks again for being out here with your ideas!

  30. How about Christian countries of Poland, France and Germany? All of them are highly antisemitic? What do you think has been going on for 2000 years?

  31. I can’t speak for those countries. And based on the title of your blog post, I was counting on you to tell me what has been going on for 2000 years. …offer some examples, enlighten the unknowing. Don’t just be angry, my friend. Be specific.

  32. I’m not angry, you asked and I replied. Go to jewsforjudaism.ca and figure it out for yourself.

  33. Yes you are right Jews have been persecuted and I feel sorry for that. At a personal level I have respect for Jews though I am a Christian. Anand Bose from Kerala.

  34. The Christian persecution of the Jews is the result of the ultra imaginary beliefs of Christianity;Demons, Hell, the Eucerist, Eternal damnation it turns out are fanciful Christian inventions that cannot be found in the Tanakh. As it turns out Christians belong in a mental institution, completely detached from Judaic principles,reality and are dangerous. Just ask the Jews what Christianity has done for them;Nazi Germany was a Christian nation.
    Imagine Mike Pence taking over for Trump making foreign policy decisions through a mind saturated in Apocalyptic Christian delusions…it’s a recipe for disaster.

  35. No and furthermore they do not accept that Jesus or anyone else can pay for another’s sin. Sin is a personal problem that only the sinner can manage by dealing with it himself.
    They also do not believe in original sin, so Christ did not die for original sin or the sins of man.
    So of course this is heresy to Christians and Jews have been the obvious scapegoat.
    As one Rabbi says, if Christians wanted to start a new religion they shouldn’t have glued their texts to the back of the Jewish Torah as an ad on because it doesn’t work anymore than when the Mormons glued their book on the back of the Christian bible!

  36. Satan was mentioned in the Torah in Genesis. He was the serpent who tricked Eve. And there is an afterlife – people have died and come back to life and told stories of how they either went to see Yah or Yahushua (God and Jesus) in Paradise or they went to Hell with the demons and then Yahushua/Jesus came. Or they saw both Heaven and Hell.

  37. It’s clear by looking beyond the superficial that Christianity is not what some people think it is.

  38. Heaven and hell are here on earth! Because it is other people who make it so 🙂
    Jew or not, I don’t care. All religion is the same to me. Belief or absence of any belief are all the same to me.
    It’s the direction, the intention and the driving purpose that exists behind the black of one’s eyes. There sits all the knowledge of the truth of existence.

  39. The serpent was a serpent. It was Christians that invented Satan and claim that the serpent was Satan. This is just another intentional falsification of the Hebrew texts by Christians.

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