Hubris for hire!

Given the circular arguments that are embedded in Christianity since its beginning, is it unreasonable that this mode of thought has become established in the American psyche and so become broadly acceptable there as well?  It certainly appears to the outsider that Americans are highly intolerant to any and all criticism of the country and its policies. I have often observed how the resistance to criticism is responded to with cult like extremism that flatly rejects the right of criticism. In fact Americans are outright hostile to criticism of their country or of Jesus…to which many confused minds equate.
The PNAC and Wolfowitz Doctrine are the established culture in DC, based on the assumption that the US and Americans are superior to everyone else, that they are beyond accountability and so have a right to their self declared authority over the world. The Nazi Germans had this type of psychology also and called themselves the Ubermensch(the upper man), who was so superior to everyone else that they awarded themselves tyrannical  license beyond any moral constraint.
The US propaganda teaches the myth that the Pilgrims were escaping religious persecution in England. The truth was that these were immoral religious extremists that had terrorized Europe, every bit as horrible as Wahhabi terrorists today. And so US Christian denialism and circular arguments began right at the very inception of the delusional national character. And just as Australia began as a British penal colony, the US was initially a means of exorcising the religious fanatics called Calvinists(Puritans) from Europe.
The acceptance of circular arguments are essential to not only to Christianity but also the American hubris and license. How much different is this social, national and religious corruption from other forms that are found? 
How about the scientific corruption common, obvious and now extensive where capitol interests pays for conclusions to research where the desired result is assumed from the beginning? This phoney science begins by assuming their desired conclusion is going to be proven and the research is falsified to make it happen not with the the soundness of the scientific method, but instead with bribes and rendered complicity.
Phillip Morris famously confounded the tobacco issue by purposely corrupting the studies. Monsanto has and is doing the same with GMO’s and Roundup, and there are no shortage of this fraud to be uncovered throughout US business practices, pharmaceuticals, extractive industries, and foreign and domestic policies that are ingrained in the national psychosis.
The American mind has been rendered insane over time directly by Christian reliance on circular arguments tuning their minds to resonate in the acceptance of magical thinking by the entire nation. Just like proving Jesus was God, the conclusion is dependent on the assumption of the premis you are trying to prove making the whole argument independent of verifiable facts. And so American hubris is asserted by Americans and almost always independent of facts.


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  1. Interesting. There are many Americans who agree with your assessments. Not all of us are bound by ridiculous politics and the flock. And not all of us are comfortable with how the American economy has been rammed down the world’s throat. But many of us are complacent because of personal comfort. Human nature. But…all things must pass. As far as Christianity goes? Meh.

  2. Partner, that’s a personal slight and distraction as if I was responsible for the facts instead of just commenting on them. You really ought to learn what to wrap your brain around! Good luck with that!

  3. Robert, Sorry, but I got this discussion off on the wrong foot. Can we start again? I’m American but am, at times, intensely critical, especially of our wars of aggression. See here as one recent example: In fact, I’ve nearly become a pacifist. My Christian faith plays a part.
    But let me ask: How do you account for all this? Genesis 1 repeatedly says “God said” and there was-light, etc. Seems to tie in nicely w/the Big Bang.
    So, the ball’s in your court. Thanks.

  4. Hubble discovered that the rate of expansion of the known universe is accelerating instead of decreasing as the Big Bang theory predicts. So, the Big Bang and Genesis are wrong! Welcome to the Steady State Universe!

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