Most people claim that they think and at the same time find it difficult to say exactly what thought is. I’ve looked around and there isn’t a lot out there written about what exactly thought is. So not to allow the opportunity slip by without confronting the challenge, here are my two cents on the topic;

There are three components of thought, the first two use the symbology of language and mathematics and the third uses imagination. Numbers are symbols as are words and are not reality, they are units of thought. Each type of symbology is handled in the mind according to the appropriate rules. Imagination is utilized further when linking thoughts according to the imagined rule set. 

Thought can be restrained by a rigid rule set or not. When the rules become less restrictive thought can quickly become pure fantasy. When the symbols are organized in entirely new and novel ways, this is creative thought. The only thought acceptable to academia uses the symbology of numbers and words in a formal and constrained format. And although fantasy is useful when thinking on a problem, the solution achieved is only valid once the fantasizing has been thought out of the solution. 

Do you imagine you can talk to statues or imaginary friends? Many people do and call this prayer, it’s very common and it’s not that big a jump from there to thinking ESP is real, that the mind can move objects, and the world is filled with magic, and demons. Or is your world more constrained, practicle and grounded?

Is the flower garden pretty enough or do you need to imagine fairies living below it?


12 thoughts

  1. The world bound by physics is far stranger than my thoughts can pursue. For thousands of years the Lakota people have thought rocks are alive. Parallel lines, never to touch?

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  3. Language is a poor approximation of thought, and, as it turns out, a poor approximation of ‘reality’. I don’t recall when or where, but I recall hearing something on this topic where the speaker asked how you can distinguish the thought (or memory) from the thing since your brain doesn’t necessarily care if the imprint is stored or a direct sense reaction to the material object in situ.

    You may want to take in some Saussure:

    Of course, your title reminds me of the Korn song: (staring Jesse, the character from Breaking Bad)

    also covered by Evanescence:

  4. As for the second part of your comment you may want to look at Bayesian Inference Theory.
    Also reality is the source of thought but is not reality just as a map is not the terrain.

  5. The absolute to most topics is the individual’s comprehension. Since I have only my thoughts on the subject it’s best that I don’t try and comment on it until I have ample information.

  6. no alot more than a few.. I’ll be thinking for days. I’m not ignorant but uneducated in some of the more Intelligent things.. so I will be doing so hunting for more information. It’s interesting.
    Forgive me I am not good at wording it. But I’m sure you get the jist… I wanna learn something other than knitting and reading love stories 😉

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