I.Q. Ranking by Religion

Once upon a time God created the world; And it was flat until it wasn’t. The Earth was the center of creation until this failed. Disease was inflicted on man by decree until the germ theory of disease was recognized. Madness was the work of demons and evil spirits until psychology changed this forever.

Science is not in conflict with religion because science does not need theological assumptions for its practice. But it is also true that the assumptions of theologists interferes with the teachings and practice of science as well as all rational thought. And so we have the theologists war on science as well of the wars between theologies. It seems the conclusion is that believing in fantasy has real consequences for society as the data from one Harvard Study below confirms.

Muslim- 92

Christian- 98

Pagan- 98

Hindu- 104

Buddhist- 108

Jew- 115

Atheist- 119



7 thoughts

  1. Hi there. Thank you so much for posting on this subject. I’m really interested in what you’ve written here. I am a Buddhist and do not believe in a God as creator only because logic tells me it isn’t so. We Buddhists as most people know, are an analytical bunch and as the Dalai Lama says, if Buddhist science can be irrefutably disproven then Buddhism must change. It is true though I agree, everyone believes their way is right. This is a great post thank you

  2. Seven billion “I’s” on the planet, each an aperture on the universe and each at the centre(every point on the surface of a sphere is the centre by definition)! 😊

  3. You need to remember that religion belong to geopolitical view also. So this IQ ranking is quite not true. IQ as a method to measure of inteligent is bad (whot it is? Skills to remember more? Skills to use logical way of thinking? Knowledge? – at the and its none of that). Its just a test who measures few skills, thats all. Dont give people new numbers and segregated them becouse you wonna tell – this one is stupid, this one is smart becouse has/hasn’t my point of view.

  4. I’m aware there are different tests but they are all based on an average score of 100 points for a particular chronological age. If you are ten years old with the mental age of an average 20 year old(100 points) then you are a genius with an IQ of 200.

  5. No they are all IQ tests, but whit different questions (putting more focus on different skills). Whot you give is just definition, every one know that, but problem is how to measure mental age. In my opinion no test can describe that. Just think. Its nice to know how good you are in doing that question, but different tests dont have 3% difference in a result, it can be eaven 10% eaven in one method. (and there are few of them, in every it can be more than 40%) Every thing depends of construction and question. And there are few methods of measuring this “mental age”. So IQ level is no argument, especially when you put it in whit believe of people. Its important in psychologist work and psychiatry and thats all.

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