The Sadomasochistic Orgy

Self Defeating Personality Disorder, or Masochism is both a mental illness and the cornerstone of Christianity. The Old Testament begins with a racist patriarchal God who endorses slavery, sexism, genital mutilation, infanticide, genocide, incest, pedophilia, deceit, adultery, war, murder, crueltty, slaughter, land theft and arrogance. The Christian and Jewish texts are completely incompatible and christianity goes on to develop a new religion that encourages masochism reflexively and sadism externally, inverting the Jewish theology and demonizing Judaism. It wasn’t until 1965 that the Second Vatican Council under the inspiration of Liberation Theology officially removed antisemitism from the doctrines of the church.


Jews do not believe in inherited sin and so there is no concept of Original Sin in Judaism. Without Original Sin there is no need for a blanket redemption or the so called blood sacrifice of Jesus. Christianity has more to do with the consolidation of political power by Constantine during the First Council of Nicea in which the Pagan Roman cults were to critically affect the   doctrinal and theological outcomes of the Roman Catholic Church as it was then to be invented. The truth is that the product of the Council of Nicaea is the Trinity; A composite of Judaism, Christianity and the Cult of Mithras.

The two major Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, were intentionally established on the same two major pagan Roman feast days in order to unify Roman paganism with Christianity and create a Catholic(for all faiths) religion. The Catholic day of worship was not the sabbath but Sunday, the pagan Roman day of worship for Mithras the Sungod. To this day the title of the head of the Roman Catholic Church is the same title of the Pagan Roman Cult,Pontifex Maximus. It’s not a coincidence that the dress of the pagan priests is the same as that of the modern Catholic clergy all beginning in the Roman pagan church.

The Jewish concept of sin is based upon a personal relationship with God which means that forgiveness is granted to the sinner by God after he has indicated his willingness to turn away from sin and transform personally. Blood sacrifices were a ritual intended to express sincerity. Sin in the Jewish tradition is an action, a behaviour, a verb.

Christianity departs Judaism with inherited sin that you are not personally responsible for like original sin. With this new concept you are as guilty as Adam and Eve for eating the apple even though you didn’t even exist when it happened. By removing personal responsibility for sin based on an individual’s actions and turning it into an inheritable affliction Christians turn sin into a noun, a thing, a commodity and divine punishment also becomes a circumstance of unimaginable eternal torment. Hell is a sadomasochistic orgy, an invention of Christianity that does not exist before gentle Jesus, mild and meek.

The concept of Hell is more important to Christianity than Jesus is. Without Satan and Hell there is nothing to coerce and frighten people with from a young age in order to scare them into acceptance of the religion. What other religion promotes poverty, stupidity, slavery, self abuse and a fascination with the sadomasochistic orgy of Hell?

Spontaneous Creation is the biblical story that is a lie providing the delusion that humans are independent of nature. It denies the history over time and the relationship of man with the natural world. Instead human creation is presented as an instant response to a command(all magic, no process). The real problem with this delusion is that it promotes the rejection of the idea that man is capable of causing serious systemic damage to the biosphere and is the basis for climate change denial. This masochism may produce a terminal result and the much anticipated end of the world for humans.

The grand termination is the consolation yearned for as an answer to feeling cheated by the unreality of a homocentric universe as laid out.


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  2. Well said. King Henry created hell I thought bk it was him. I always thought the Bible was nothing more as a fear mechanism. The god I know is love he just does not hold judgement but rather you to stop fearing him because that causes a barrier to love. Why should I fear Jesus return. I’d take place value he a friend who has seen me be rejected just like him. They don’t want people in deep love and they will torture you for loving extensivly.

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