Superstition and the Status Quo

Superstition is the belief that unnatural forces interfere in and with the natural world. And even though we have never had a complete understanding of nature as it is, we have also contrarily been obsessed with detaching ourselves from the natural order with magical thinking and fantasies. In fact the foundation of magic has been supporting and defining the Western form of civilization by authoritarian mind control.

The source of all superstition is religion and religion is irreconcilable with nature because it claims that the imagined and fictional forces of the supernatural exist and are overridingly more powerful than the material order. 

There is a clear correlation to religiously and suppression of IQ and this is verified by studies. Western religion is authoritative, and inflexible; Galileo was tried and convicted by the inquisition for heresy even though he proved his idea as fact. In order to maintain a belief fantasy you have to deny reality, and this delusion may not be compatible with physical survival. And beyond this opposing the consensus lunacy is itself dangerous.

The reliance on supernatural forces defines the true hopelessness of people inclined to rely on the intervention of the purely imagined entities for which there exists no credible evidence. So instead of making informed rational choices many are handicapped by being tethered to an uniformed and irrational belief system often imposed upon them without choice.

Yet people not smart enough to change a flat tire are also declaring their imagined knowledge and mastery of  everything and they are accepted into positions of respect and power.

The world has always seemed out of control and it is out of control, and faith in the supernatural is only guaranteeing that it remains that way.

When the US slave owners Christianized their blacks they read to them only the scriptures that endorsed slavery. They usually prohibited slaves from reading and this enabled the licence of mind control that they established over them.

Things haven’t changed and one superstitious group condemns another for violating their concepts and at the same time declares immunity from criticism for violating the superstitions of another group. It’s the underlying lies that they all defend that’s the real problem.

It seems that theology never involves liberation only enslavement of one type or the other.


13 thoughts

  1. Precisely. The universe and every bit of it is natural. It is a mistaken belief that we have an immaterial part of us, that continues to exist after death, in a supernatural realm. This isn’t a problem until certain delusional monotheistic cults pray that the faithful may soon enter this supernatural realm in a blaze of glory, ASAP! GROG

  2. Regarding what swabby429 said – I would argue that it is the stubbornness and inflexibility [of man] that is the root of religion…ALL RELIGION.

    That said, I’d venture to say that Religion is mankind’s (Humankind’s would be a more politically correct word…I guess) contrivance to hide and also maintain his ignorance of…More than he allows himself to perceive of nature which is the holistic connection of all that is life and living; known and unknown beyond just five senses of which the mind is not considered; or the soul…both yet being blinded to one another because religions forbids they know one another…and keep us collectively disconnected (ironically) to one another and to ourselves.

    That’s a lot to digest, and even so no less than what is presented here which is a lot and very worthy to consider.

    Thanks all for the interesting perspectives. It’s incredibly enlightening.

  3. The American slave owners forced them to another form of slavery that was religion. When they taught them they only included the verses in the bible that endorsed slavery. To rebel against your circumstance would land you in the eternal fires of Hell!
    You have been lied to and brainwashed in exactly the same ways. That’s exactly why the education system produces the results that they do. 😆

  4. We are organic organisms where our totality is mainly the nonlinear behaviour of the mind and body, but the fact we are spontaneous creations.

  5. We are dependant on circumstances that we cannot control and yet we can influence this and promote our own ongoing being.
    The best most effective way of enhancing our survival is the belief in facts and the ability to distinguish these from fantasy! 😊

  6. Nicely said. Robert. No doubt the education system, religious and political establishments all contribute to a conditioning handed down through countless generations of which the concept of “family of origin (and it’s particular history within…say…any one for a slave heritage which I can claim) is also not excused and by which conditioning is perpetuated amongst us.

    Who then is excused from any number of consideration of a degree of brainwashing…of one to another? And who, again, may say one’s form is of greater consequence then another’s form? What a conundrum we would find ourselves in of pointing out a mote by a beam; falling again into the same realm of debate within the same schools we were all brought up in; same ways…same country…same human experience but perhaps not barring differing conclusions based on a separate life gained perspective.

    Ironically it is “Consequence” that bears out Truth; not God (though Consequence would seem to be a natural law; by definition, a God sorta thing to put into place as a creator of the Universe…if any ascribe to such a notion). Outcomes are our surest bet. The means of that are very complicated, and I’m sure religion gave up on trying to figure that out and chose control of the masses as a better profit.

    It’s not new (Ecclesiastes 1-…)

  7. Rome was an empire built on slavery. It converted its control based on armies to one based on religion accomplished at the First Counsel of Nicaea.
    This accomplished a thousand year reign of serfdom which is another word for slavery.
    Slaves were denied education and being able to read would probably get you killed.
    Our system is more powerful but not better

  8. I agree with you in everything said, until the final sentence – in the field of ‘Liberation Theology’, I’m thinking of theologian Walter Wink in particular, there are some interesting interpretations (and translations) of certain Christian scripture; for instance, re. the concept of ‘turning the other cheek’, Wink argues that the original central point here has been distorted, very much to serve the agenda of control/domination/oppression you discuss in your post. (The original teaching would have been to do with cultural mores regarding the use of right and left hand, which would tie back in to ‘superstition perhaps, OR could be seen as using a symbolic cultural system to shame the abuser of power.) There is also the work of theologian Mary Daly, admittedly controversial; but some of what she identifies as the ‘death drive’ (I paraphrase) of dominant systems of culture is also relevant here. In other words, I think it is possible that some theology may occasionally serve as a liberatory tool…

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