Trump’s contract to build the Third Temple

The circumstance of Trump is that he has Jarred Kushner on one shoulder feeding him the directions to complete Jewish prophesy and on the other shoulder is Mike Pence whispering Christian prophesy into the other ear. We know that without this there is little more than an echo chamber between Trumps ears.
The templates to completion of both messianic and antichrist prophesies are there and the process of achieving them are going to be the acts of men, not God(my opinion).
Trump is a builder, a construction and real estate developer and he has succeeded largely by promoting the Trump Brand. What higher status can the brand achieve than for Trump’s company to build the third temple? It certainly appears that with his two advisors he is moving towards this outcome which for him is the ultimate ego trip.
My extrapolation is that Trump will use Iran as an example to Islam so that they will not challenge him on what becomes of the Dome of the Rock. And after making commitments to the third temple he will win a second term after this commitment releases critical political support. 
Of course this is all just a theory. But the Third temple construction will be the deal makers deal of the epoch immortalizing the Trump brand and will prove irresistible to him.


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