Is Christianity cannibalizing itself finally?

God the Son,” the Second Beast

…”The rise of the first beast called “Christianity” started when the Son of God was inverted to “God the Son” at the Council of Nicaea. “Christianity” was created around this image ( χξς ) where its false prophet (Satan’s spokesperson) captivated the entire world to worship the image of the first beast. The pontiff replaced the headship of Yahshua Messiah becoming the High Priest of the image of the antichrist. If you follow the trail of history from the ancient Babylonian priesthood till today, the lineage of Satan’s religion is alive and already well established. The religion of “Christianity” evolves around the supposed abolished eternal laws of Yahweh and inverting His Son to “God the Son” through the brute force of the inquisition to the forced ignorance of the Dark Ages becoming the largest and most powerful religion in this fallen world today.”…..


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