The deification of deceit 

The Slave Bible was a version created in the US during the Atlantic slave trade. It was not for an owner to educate slaves and they were mostly prohibited from reading. The Slave Bible omitted all passages in the Christian bible that opposed slavery in any way. The verses that endorsed and regulated slavery were of course included and focused upon. This program taught that by divine law slaves were under the obligation of God to submit to their own bondage and if they were bad slaves they were acting under the influence of Satan and would be condemned to Hell for eternity.

The control of information by the dominant members of society has always existed and even today we are being fed a steady diet of The Slave Bible in terms of propaganda, false facts and deceit. None of this is for the benefit of the population but instead to maintain order in a fashion that could be exploited by the rulers.

From the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD the divinity of Jesus was established by the Imperial Roman Cult and they decided to debate and eventually voted to deify Jesus. The same process was used in this that was used to declare Roman emperors deities(they were also man-gods).

This was occurring during the disintegration of the empire and was a refocusing of the main business plan from a military to a religious empire. 

The emerging empire even though now increasing its religious focus did not abandon the bloodthirsty iron fist of Roman style rule. The Romans had 35 words for killing in their vocabulary.

Imperial Rome was a Slaver State and the new religion was not different and by the doctrine of The Divine Right of Kings set the stage for 1000 years of slavery in Europe called Feudalism and The Dark Ages.

The Dark Ages were bookended at the beginning by Christianity and at the other end by the Gutenberg Press and The Reformation. 

Previous to the bible becoming available to the masses non clergy of the RCC were prohibited from reading the texts and from having an interpretation of them. To do so was to be killed in a very unpleasant manner.

The loss of control of the texts as being taught and practiced eroded the authority, credibility and influence of the Catholic Church. 

Information is the most valuable asset of the leadership in any age, in any circumstance and being in control of it renders the masses exploitable. The deprivation of knowledge is critical and substituted with Pavlovian conditioning to ideas either to be embraced or rejected without critical thought in a manner laid out by the thought police and thought engineers.

Now for the political and economic rulers in this new era of the Internet information revolution….how to keep the masses from figuring it all out is the challenge.

Julian Assange is being made an example of and stands as a warning to others. The rulers are trying to contain, deprive and control the information still, as well as the extent of the new boundaries they want established all in order to help them maintain their advantages and their slave/master relationships.

Athens and Rome each had their respective democracies but in neither did the oligarchs not have an undemocratic, disproportionate access to influence the affairs of the state. Even Putin is not independent of the directives of the oligarchs.

And you are right about the extent; 74% opposed the Trump budget and yet it passed. 88% want labeling of GMO foods and yet it remains illegal to label them.

Are we heading directly into another Dark Ages? Given the circumstance I wouldn’t be worrying about long term investments because this is shaping up to be a very short version of them.

Hosea 4:6

…my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

The deprivation of knowledge is the key to ruling now as it has always been. And Trumps core supporters might as well glue back on their tails and climb back up the banana tree flinging feces at each other and their Monkey King…because human evolution is plainly stalled.


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  1. There are over 50 versions of the Christian bible translated into over 2000 languages so the texts of Christianity are thoroughly corrupt.
    There are several versions of the Slave Bible and some are displayed in Virginia at The Bible Museum.
    You might get a PDF version online so let me know if you find one! 😊

  2. lol I only draw out the good in the Bible, my mom would only read the parables, and explain the significance of them. The Bible has been transcribed by so many monks, some parts I take with a grain of salt. As you were know any religious text is only as good as the read, who can bend twist the meaning. We see this with The Torah, the Koran and Bible. Evil men will only use it to justify their hate.

  3. Any religious text in my experience is a theology of hate. It’s just some are worse than others. As for what you said about “Evil men will only use it to justify their hate.” eob2… Yeah OK, but then we can read something about Charles Manson or Ted Bundy and get something good from it, but do we read it to our kids before bed at night? That’s what people are doing with the bible. I’ve read and/or picked to pieces the King James, the Babylonian Talmud series, the Koran/Quran, the Torah, the Tanakh, the Kabbalah etc and all of them are brutal and all are about keeping control of the masses in some way shape or form. And when I say controlling the masses, I mean as in a slave type fashion. Do I believe that without them, man would run rampant? No. Otherwise, before the bible, without some form of self control or discipline, man would have killed himself off. An ape does not pull it’s babies head off. It nurtures it’s young. It loves it’s young. Same instinctive thing happened with human beings, until ‘the order’ came into play. Now we are homosexual, transexual, haters, killers etc… And guess what? That same order wrote your mothers bible. Just saying.

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