G-d could not possibly be this Stupid!

The Christian Gospels describe two versions of Jesus; The first version is claimed by the deciples  who lived with and knew Jesus. This version is of a Jesus who was a Torah Observant, a G-d Fearing Jew who was not claiming to be G-d. The second version was of a Jew who rejected the Law of the Torah, rejected Judaism and dehumanized Jews while promoting Roman authoritarianism. This second Jesus also claimed to be G-d, not just a Son of God and was invented by Paul of Tarsus who never knew Jesus except for his claims of visions. The Second Version is the one adopted by the Imperial Cult of Rome at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. and was done so by a vote that was concluded with tenuous logic and appeals to pagan mysticism and Roman politics.

The Jewish tradition is not one based on faith, doctrines or authoritarian control but on reason. Their religion is based on the texts and the meaning extracted from them is rhigorously argued among Jews. This means Jews are encouraged to think for themselves using agreed upon principles of logic. Jews have no doctrines, but instead teach reason and religion fused together. 

When you were taught Algebra was it good enough to produce an answer, or did your teacher emphasis the process of finding the solution? The Jews emphasize the process, while Christians emphasize the answer. When you only care that your deciples recognize the answer that you are providing for them and insisting that they accept you are not just degrading the student and promoting stupidity, but proving yourself the platform based on the absolute authority of doctrine established by faith. Faith means that you turn your critical thinking skills off and completely accept any kind of stupidity presented to you.

The Christian faith by contrast is a religion not based on reason but on authoritarianism( they demand you accept their claims and degrade you by saying you are incapable of the insight to reach their conclusions~only they are qualified to reach these conclusions); It claims that people except for the Vatican are incapable of thinking for themselves and reaching the conclusions logically that the Vatican promotes. This translates into a religion based on faith, not on logic. In fact throughout most of Christian history it was a crime to demonstrate independent thought that was critical of the unilateral proclamations of the church…this got you tortured and killed! And even today questioning or contradicting Christian Dogma easily evokes rage out of the faithful. In fact the result is a church who’s patrons are just plain stupid by design hurling threats and insults on people who contradict their dogma. Christianity as taught and practiced is by definition Anti-Inellectualism and stupidity becomes a core Christian virtue; be a sheep, be a sheep, be a mindless useless stupid sheep!

When Jews read their texts it’s required that the interpretation is clear and consistent with facts. When the proofs of reality contradict the interpretation of the Tenak, it’s the interpretation of the text that has to be reassessed. In Christianity, when the facts contradict the dogma it’s claimed that reality is wrong and that the authority of the church is absolute and supreme…this is INSANITY! To my mind G-d if nothing else is not stupid, and because Christians insist on expressing stupidity in the name of G-d, then they are not promoting G-d or the interests of G-d. 

Paul of Tarsus was the Apostle to the Gentiles. He created the Antisemitism of the Christian church because he could not prove any of his rediculous claims and this departure from reason was offensive to Jews. His was a Jesus myth where he maintained his authority because of his claim to visions which he could never prove. Judaism was a religion that depended upon reason while Christianity became a religion based on authoritarianism. It’s not a coincidence then that 90% of the Nobel Prizes in Math and Science every year are awarded to Jews is it? Pauls quest for authority was inhibited by Jews because his religion was opposed to Jewish principles and philosophy. And Paul answered this with threats and vile criticisms setting the foundation of 2000 years of Antisemitism.

The Roman Empire was an authoritarian Slaver State and when they changed their business model from a military one to a religious one at the Council of Nicaea, they of course adopted the authoritarian Christianity of Paul and this was augmented by vilification of Jews and advocating Roman Style Authoritarianism. This began the thousand years of slavery in Europe known as Feudalism based upon absolute power, authoritarianism and mind control(Jews did not believe in freedom without freedom of thought…only interested in behaviour while Christians hacked the thoughts by demanding stupidities called faith and doctrine).Feudalism remained until the Guttenberg Press made the Christian bible widely available and the Reformation somewhat loosened the constraints of the absolute authority of Rome. Under that system intellectual Jewish free thinkers were seditious.

The 35 % that support Trump do so in spite of all rational criticisms and claim he is working for the Evangelical G-d. This would mean that the Evangelist G-d is stupid, and not godlike at all unless G-d is a clown…facts being what they are, indeed!

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  1. We’re pretty much on the same page.

    I’m getting so burned out on God bothering stuff in society these days. Most days I unplug from social media and broadcast media just so I can get some peace, quiet, and sanity.

  2. I am not sure where you get these from: “The Christian faith by contrast is a religion not based on reason but on authoritarianism( they demand you accept their claims and degrade you by saying you are incapable of the insight to reach their conclusions~only they are qualified to reach these conclusions” and “The Christian Gospels describe two versions of Jesus” but they do not come from the Bible I have studied for the past 20+ years intensely. I too like Lee Stobel and Josh MacDowell set out to disprove my friends claims of this thing called Christianity only to find the love and comfort of a risen Lord and Savior.

  3. I can’t account for your bible since there are over fifty versions of the Christian bible translated into more than 200 languages including several versions of “The Slave Bible” invented during the Atlantic Slave Trade to be used for brainwashing purposes of slaves and owners!
    After twenty years you should know that Paul wrote 3/4 of the books of the New Testament and be aware of his Version 2.0 of Jesus that is inconsistent with the other authors of the gospels.
    I do not find the Christian version of Jesus comforting, but disturbing and mind numbing! So I cannot share in your stupidity!

  4. Here is one small example for you: in Jesus’ parable of the sheep and goats, he makes it altogether clear that one’s deeds matter quite significantly …yet Paul insists that there’s nothing at all we can do except believe.

  5. I agree with above. I was told to lead with a life of love. there is nothing wrong or right and everything is to be created with love,deep love not heresay but contentment. All is to be forgiven. You can rise up. God the father wants us to be prosperous,he wishes for us to be loving and happy. There are corrupt government leaders who now the opposite way. They don’t want people in a heavenly state.they want to control and own you through fear. Peace

  6. Interesting article. Although I do not agree with almost everything you wrote. I would really love to scrutinise the premises of your assertions, but your use of prejoratives throughout your article makes me suspect that this is an emotionally high rant rather than a dialectic form argument based on reason, so I won’t indulge myself. But I’ll advise you go through your facts again. I love your writing and passion though.

  7. Doctrine is a formal statement that summarizes the requirements of belief that a cult imposes on you. Judaism has no central authority to establish Doctrine that dictates what you are supposed to think; This explains the circumstance within Judaism that accounts for the diversity of opinion ranging from more literal translations to full fledged agnosticism. Yes, you can be a Torah Observant Jew accepted by the community and be in fact an agnostic! This is simply impossible in any form of Christianity because of Dogmas and Doctrines!
    This explains the main difference between the Judaic approach and the Christian approach; Christianity dictates your thoughts, while Judaism welcomes free thinkers. This aligns Judaism more with philosophies like Buddhism and Taoism that do not expect Blind Submission at the abandonment of personal dignity and degrading a members mind.
    Why don’t you tell a Christian that you don’t believe in Jesus, and see what you get for your honesty?; Its usually degrading threats, intimidation and a litany of stupid supernatural nonsense claims….but that’s why they have Doctrines!

  8. You overestimate your own competency on Judaism and you lack the knowledge to even make an estimate. You might want to start with Maimonides and get back to me after you have some of the education required to appreciate the facts.

  9. My aim is not show my competence in Judaism, which honestly I don’t know much about. What I do know are the doctrines of Christianity, which does not force people into blindly following dogmas. It rather encourages believers to test or examine the claims of their faith, and even be ready to give reasoned arguments respectfully to whoever should ask about the plausibility of their faith. In the context of the bible, “Sheep” doesn’t mean blind followers, but rather obedient followers of the truth. Truth they are admonish to test and scrutinise for accuracy.

  10. Have you heard of the Christian “Doctrine of Depravity” as introduced by Paul of Tarsus in 3 Galatians? Do you know and appreciate its implications as Christian Dogma?
    Are you aware of the Doctrine introduced by Thomas Aquinas in his “Summa Theological Tractus” that decides that gaining eternal salvation is an infinite gain and so there is no limit to the justifiable evil that Christians can commit(which is finite) in order to spread the Doctrine of Salvation? Do you understand the implications?
    Are you aware of the Christian Doctrine on Redemption that insists that a sinner need make no restitution to the victims of sin if he accepts the aFirst and most fundamental Doctrine of ” Accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour” as formulated by Paul and indoctrinated by the church? Do you understand the implications of this?
    These three underlying cornerstones of Christian insanity has nothing else than resulted in unfashionable evil by Christians to this very day!
    I think you should open your eyes and evaluate Christianity for what it is, because you are apparently incompetent at Christian nifty as well as Judaism! Fath, Dogma and Doctrine are the trinity of stupidity that underpins Christian Theology! Faith by definition is admitted ignorance and submits you to the whims of the authority who can has is constrained by voracity!

  11. Thomas Aquinas assertions does not pass as a doctrine in the Christian faith. The evil acts of violent invasion of a place and the coercion of its people into accepting your faith is not indicated anywhere in the bible, rather we as believers are encouraged to be patient and show love to those who antagonise our faith. Yes, I have heard of the doctrine of depravity, I totally agree with it. This claim has shown its experiential relevance in the countless lives of people, whose lives have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would love to know what you mean by the implications of the doctrine of depravity. The bible actually does encourage restitution in the book of James 5 vs 16. I really appreciate you taking your time to reply to my comments, but I politely ask you cut out the pejoratives, and ask we give arguments politely in a manner that would be beneficial to whoever was reading this.

  12. And you are completely wrong! Paul of Tarsus wrote 3/4 of the books in the new teastament…is the New Testament a part of the bible? And if you don’t like the language then get the fuck off my blog! This is written for Nuns!

  13. You can be ‘ Yes, you can be a Torah Observant Jew accepted by the community and be in fact an agnostic!’, however, real judaism isn’t based on being an agnostic, but understanding the source of the world, and understanding what this source is (makes no difference if you call the source ‘god’ or not). The religion of judaism is based on connection to the source.

  14. You have confused Christianity with catholicism, the Roman catholic church. Jesus was (is) a Jew and fulfillment of the prophecies in the TaNaKh, such as…Psalm 2…Isaiah 53…Daniel 9. When you read Matthew it is evident who Jesus is and why He came. If you read John, you see where Paul was coming from. The Scriptures from Genesis 12 to Matthew 12 are all about Israel. But when Israel rejected their Messiah and King, G_d took away the Temple, the priests (Rome killed them one and all), the scepter, the land, just as prophesized in Leviticus 26, Deuteronome 28, Jeremiah 30 and on and on. For the past 2000 years Israel has suffered the judgment of Amos 9:9 while the entire world had fallen under the curse of Rome.
    Christianity is NOT catholicism, and Paul is NOT a Roman catholic. G_d promises…again and again… to restore Israel, and it is coming upon us fast.

  15. “The Christian faith by contrast is a religion not based on reason but on authoritarianism( they demand you accept their claims and degrade you by saying you are incapable of the insight to reach their conclusions~only they are qualified to reach these conclusions);”

    This is like the sum of the whole Bible-belt Christian belief! 😂😂 it’s so annoying!

  16. It’s a Slaver Religion invented by the Slaver State of Imperial Rome that laid the groundwork for the system of slavery in Europe known as Feudalism!
    …The Bible Belt invented the Slave Bible during the Atlantic slave trade to beat everybody over the head with. Even today the 35% that support trump believe it’s their G-d given right to be the Slave Masters! 🎯😁

  17. Why Paul? Is he the only Biblical character people can ever dig up? Peter, John, James, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Moses…..best is to know them all.

  18. Wrong. One Bible in well over two thousand languages. All Bibles agree, some are better translated than others but all tell the same story. It is in itself a miracle. It was written over 1,500+ years by 44+ authors to 66+ books yet the story remains. See it as it is and don’t cherry pick to try prove your biased opinion. As that is what it is. Facts are elsewhere.

  19. Much here for me to disagree with, but I’m happy that you wrestle with the topics. I think Trump’s “base” is 30% rather than 35%, and it does distress me that so many confuse him with Jesus Christ. Do you participate at Messiah Truth?

  20. Robert, you might like (some aspects of) my other blog, The Gospel According to the Romans http://robinhl.com
    I see Jesus not just as an observant Jew, but as one dedicated to throwing the occupying Romans out of the Holy Land. That is the only way I can get the gospels to make sense. And then of course Paul comes along and turns everything upside down.
    Others of my poems deal with this as well. “History as Irony”, for example – https://wordpress.com/post/robinhl.com/1249

  21. Hey Robin thanks! You should look up Ralph Ellis; He has approached the Bible as a historical record but in order to make sense of it he has discovered that the Biblical names are pseudonyms to try to eliminate embarrassing historical facts and that the time lines have to be adjusted for similar reasons. In this way he establishes the stories as Historical accounts…very interesting! 😊

  22. Hey Robin, Ellis also makes a very sound argument that Saul of Tarsus is really Flavius Josephus! I was suspecting that myself as I’m sure were you! 😊

  23. I googled Ralph Ellis, and I’m not as impressed with the glorious speculation I see there as I would have been in my 20s… My take on things started with Joel Carmichael’s books “The Death of Jesus” and “The Birth of Christianity”, written I think in the 1960s.
    Contemporary Jewish sources suggest a) Jesus was the bastard son of a Roman soldier, Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera, b) Paul was an epileptic subject to grand visions, c) the construction of Herod’s palace and city at Zippori (Sepphoris) would have been where Joseph worked, being only 4 miles from Nazareth (nice location, Zippori, I’ve been there, very Roman), d) the uprisings of Judas of Galilee and the Roman crucifixion of 2,000 rebels at Zippori meet the timeline for Joseph’s sudden and unexplained disappearance from the gospels when Jesus was 12. https://robinhl.com/2011/11/06/jesus-son-of-pantera/

  24. I’m not sure what you want? Absolute certainty? Give up on absolute certainty given the texts are 2000 years old and older!
    And I hardly think you would be impressed by Ellis after ten minutes on Google.
    Ellis is a fresh approach, but I’m not trying to convince you of anything because in truth I don’t give a fuck!

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