Faith, Doctrine, Blasphemy, and Freedom

Faith is the assertion of truth without evidence, and always contradicts reason. When you accept articles of faith you submit to authority and turn your brain off because you can never reason through to the submitted conclusions. In fact it is understood as necessary to degrade and dehumanize your oppositions. Faith then is irrational by nature and promotes a cult to “Play Make Believe”which is the detachment from reality and indicative of a learned pattern of mental disorder. This is dangerous and yields a community of mindless sheep willing to follow the authority in spite of empirical evidence with nothing to avoid the Faithful form spiralling into an abyss of non-sense for which there is no proof! An augmentation of faith is Doctrine which is a formal declaration of the required belief set for a particular cult. It’s the Doctrines that establish the formal boundaries of Heresy. 

The declaration that it’s unfair to attack the truth of religious faith and Doctrine is promoted by the faithful and their leadership who do not want dissent or have to justify their assertions or to have their authority eroded. This is non-sense! The absurd circular arguments offered by the religious because they are by definition mentally deranged and are dangerous to everyone because of the rejection of reason.

Competing Faith’s after individually abandoning reason and surrendering to their authority have reduced common ground to interface with each other in cooperative relationships. The common ground of reason is abandoned. Instead Faith promotes competition, intolerance, confrontation, violence and conflicts; With various groups not able to cooperate with each other without compromising their belief systems, instead they are troublesome, even dangerous, one to another and the very foundation of Liberal Democracy which is peaceful coexistence is eroded.

And of course coercion, intimidation, threats, violence, suppression, and discord are the particular outcomes of competing Faith based cults. The perpetuation and elevation of ignorance is often demonstrated; “Be a sheep, be a sheep, be a mindless  compliant sheep.” Free thinking has and is a disposition with consequences in such a community…including a painful, degrading death. 

The Game of ‘Make Believe’ is a dangerous practice with very real consequences that don’t depend on Faith but on reality, as it is. And if humanity cannot organize around verifiable facts and reject the arbitrary assertions of supernatural forces, then we will continue to receive the same chaos that we have always received in this bargain. Because investing yourself in stupidity is not justified at any level except for the manipulators teaching the practice that empowers them. 

The Cult called Christianity has suicide prophesies that establish templates for action when accompanied by signals. In a world where reality conflicts with Cultish Doctrines, and the knowledge that reality has cheated them then suicide becomes the final statement that reality is unacceptable.

Faith is not a virtue, it’s a surrender to the obscene!

37 thoughts

  1. They told me to make it happen. The angels for ten years say you have a guy but the catch is to writ e and he will come. Think of him and he will come.fifteen years later they say we need more gv. Like it’s torture. The point is the make believe.they say get out of your head. Like they depersonalisation people if you follow them. They put all the blame on real angels and make you feel the blame

  2. I’m not sure that you’re right.
    I actually agree with you on the principle of the matter. Faith is meaningless, it’s believing in something you don’t understand based on ‘faith’, however, I feel like you’re way too strong against it. The people who believe without understanding aren’t crazy, they may be indoctrinated, but we all are. We’re all indoctrinated to look at people and believe things about them. Like that a thin person has self control and a fat person is lazy. Like believing things about people covered with tattoos, or about people who dress in different ways. We believe things about people we see, without actually waiting to get to know them and see that it’s not so. We all have faith in doctrines of life, that aren’t necessarily true. Even if we don’t have faith in some religions. And that faith isn’t a mental disorder. It’s not healthy, it’s weird, and I don’t understand how people have ‘faith’ in something they don’t understand, but some of the people I know who do, are the best most awesome people I’ve had the good fortune to come across. Who I truly love and respect even if I can’t understand that aspect of their lives for it’s so contrary to whom they are (to believe nonsense). And, everything has good and bad. There is very little in the world that is all good or all bad. Faith is one of those things that are a mixture. That can be dangerous. That isn’t necessarily all good or all bad.
    Love, light and glitter

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  4. Actually, and I see you may have just mispoken, Faith isn’t an assertion of anything. It’s a decision to believe either on bad or no evidence. I see Faith and trust as two different concepts. Trust rests on evidence, therefore it is “worthy” of trust.
    Faith believes regardless and sometimes inspite of.

  5. So if I tell you that I had a vision of and talked to G-d then you trust me if you believe me and you have faith in the revelations I give you. Either way the claims make no sense and you lobotomize yourself trusting everything I say about it. Yup, it’s all been done too death before.

  6. No, I wouldn’t Trust your claim without evidence. I’d have no way to prove it disprove. I’d have to take it purely on Faith if I did believe.

  7. If you read Goldilocks and concluded she liked porridge the text would be the proof that this claim is true. But it wouldn’t prove that the story was a Historical one. The belief in a Historical Goldilocks is purely one based on faith in spite of the facts. And because of your position of faith is based on trust in the text.
    There is absolutely no legitimate reason to accept Biblical stories as Historical facts and yet people do. This makes them delusional and dangerous.

  8. The text is the evidence and you can study the pretext, context and subtext to extract all sorts of proof for assertions about Goldilocks. All the same it’s absurd as a Historical story and so is the Bible

  9. When people take it as a text of Historical events they have to convolute logic to support their claims and the result is a Faith dependant system of Dogma and Doctrine…it makes G-d sound Stupid!

  10. Faith really does promote competition. When they ask people to stand in front of the church to give a “testimony” of G-d’s good deeds that has no proof…then someone else feels inferior and now they have to stand to give a better account. It’s like competing to see whose imaginary beliefs sound better. And it teaches people to be jealous of others and constantly try to up 1.

  11. Convincing people to believe that if they don’t do what you are telling them will land a person in Hell is a powerful mind trick…”If you think you got problems now then just wait til you die!” Gives the weak minded and gullible a lot of incentive.

  12. It’s really sad. And many people fall for it because they already have a belief about themselves that they are flawed or unworthy of being loved unconditionally. Many come from homes where the hell doctrine is believable because they are already suffering. So it’s like a glimmer of hope to join an organization that may be a real reward system…smh. But it’s all lies anyway. People never get any real incentives it’s just in their mind.

  13. I’m confused as to how logical people can argue about faith or belief understanding their nature. Often it ends with some form of vitriol that belies the intent. Refusing to believe in something or having no faith in anything is not an intellectual endeavor, it’s an exercise in futility seeing as belief and faith are separate from truth.

  14. Hi Brian–I found your article interesting to be sure. “Faith is the assertion of truth without evidence and always contradicts reason.”

    This definition of faith reminds me of a walk out onto a clear bottom platform at 600 feet. The assertion by the designer is that he has the evidence of truth and that my fears of falling are unfounded. My fears certainly contradicted reason–all of his reasons why I should trust.

    Faith, with or without objective evidence and reason, is nothing without an object. All the best in the wonderful world of thinking!–Glenn

  15. Your platform example demonstrates rational caution and not Faith. Faith for example involves assertions like a Finite Uniniverse, Life After Death and the belief in a Non Physical Reality! None of these is even rational let alone is there any evidence. And just because the symbology of language affords the invention of “Absurd Entities” that cannot be possible, the Nonphysical assertions of a nonphysical soul or a non physical mind or a nonphysical G-d are just as absurd.

  16. Just as the emotions we feel in this discourse are “non-physical”, so too the realities of placing ones faith in an institution that denies any reality beyond the 5 senses becomes its own religion with non-scientific necessities for qualification to be “real”.

    When I have never trusted in such a religion, my lack of faith, trust and belief may be for me just cause of denial, but for someone like you, it may be a true source of life.
    For me to engross myself in debunking your chosen “religion” is to lose a part of myself never meant to be lost. I make you to be an enemy, not for your sake but for the benefit of my own insecurities and full confidence in what I thought to be a belief system that would grant me moorings and stability–alas, not to be.

  17. Emotions are not nonphysical, they are the result of physiological modifications. Nobody is suggesting that nothing exists beyond the five senses…that is an absurd statement.
    The Western traditions are based upon a duality because of the assumption that the Universe was created from nothing and so insists on an eternal and infinite creator. The eastern traditions do not involve themselves with this absurd assumption and are based on an infinite and eternal Universe that has never been created!
    It’s the fundamental assumptions that cause the problems of Western thought with gaps that need to be filled with ” Fairy Tales” in order to account for what we observe. ..These Fairy Tales are Faith.
    Science is not Faith, it’s a philosophical approach that is by nature subject to confirmation and falsifiability. The doctrines of Faith however are not not subject to rational, empirical investigation and so are absurd constructs that mean nothing…just like the absurdity of a unicorn based on absurd entities created by the combination of words, they in reality mean NOTHING!

  18. Curious to know if you watch “Closer to Truth”? You strike me as someone who would enjoy it very much if you don’t already. Science readily calls on each of us to place faith in something or someone for an explanation of such “fine tuning” in the universe. Mathematical models stun the scientific and philosophical world with the impossible-to-explain, mind bending realities of grandeur. Such humbled investigators are happy for others to employ faith in a designer/creator as a means to explain the unexplainable. What is actually quite absurd is just how vast without measure the universe is. I am humbled and feel quite small to think that I must be required to explain it all and I am too tiny to criticize your unilateral faith in science alone. I love empirical measures. I appreciate each man’s search without demeaning his chosen perch from which he might attempt to stand. We are all, as Luke Barnes states, “accidental byproducts”, or we are as John Lenox insists, “Either human intelligence ultimately owes its origin to mindless matter; or there is a Creator. It is strange that some people claim that it is their intelligence that leads them to prefer the first to the second.”

    John Lennox

  19. I believe the Universe is Infinite and Eternal. This means that a creator is not possible.
    The feedback loops within living organisms create various levels of consciousness. The Universe itself has feedback loops that inform the Totality, so there is a greater coherence underlying reality.
    This position eliminates the supernatural as an explanation required to fill in the gaps. There is no nonphysical, no supernatural and no autonomous G-d.
    It’s all pretty simple and self evident from this starting point. It also compels people to engage each other on the common ground of rationality rather than conflicts caused by absurd claims about supernatural interventions.
    God is not stupid; the God of Spinoza, the God of Taoism, the God of Shintoism.

  20. Calm down! Your basically good critical thinking is besmirched by a tsunami of anger. Beat a pillow and re-read your last post which I re-blogged. When I translate “faith” into “hope” it makes more sense. It seems all the many gods of humans are but uncles whose father is in response to fear. Please don’t do a Trump on us! You have too much clear vision otherwise.

  21. I don’t need to calm down. There is no reason to calm down with the lack of rational comprehension as it is.
    Faith is not a virtue, it’s a rejection of rationality. Faith starts with an assertion that is not backed up by the evidence or by reason and that is why it’s indefencable! Muslims, Christians and Jews all claim their doctrines based on nothing that generates platforms that are not based on the platform of logic. By doing this supernatural assertions result in conflict.
    The genesis of faith is the assertion that the universe is finite and temporal, a be this leaves room for the invention of an infinite, eternal, nonphysical creator that generates a Supernatural Rhealm.
    The Universe is the only thing Eternal and Infinite and so there is no creation event of something from nothing…physical nothingness is impossible. Mind is physical, spirit is physical and God is Pantheistic.
    This assumption eliminates the lunacy of Western thought by focussing on the Truth of non-duality for which there is infinite proof!
    Or you can choose to be a sheep, be a sheep, be a mindless useless sheep because they tell you so!

  22. “The Universe is the only thing Eternal and Infinite and so there is no creation event of something from nothing…physical nothingness is impossible. ” I wonder how old you are. That’s not a put down, but the above statement contains (shudder) a certain amount of faith. In therapy when someone made a very strong angry statement they were asked to make the opposite statement, and repeat one and then the other and usually an ambivalence was revealed. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  23. If I have a plate of food in front of me, I know that it’s there and I faithless lay proceed to eat it. When I see the food on the plate and a person of authority tells me it’s not there, then I take the illusion of food as a faith based belief that contradicts the facts.
    Where is your proof of a creation event, an afterlife or in the existence of a Supernatural? There is none, it’s all based on faith which is a belief based on an assertion by an authority.
    I have no faith, I reject faith and I am not impressed with faith.

  24. I’m an atheist but have no need to call believers names. I’m glad they can find comfort for themselves, in faith. I cannot. I don’t sit still for them to push their beliefs onto me and I don’t try and rob them of what they have going for them.

  25. Robert,
    I found one of your comments “I believe the Universe is Infinite and Eternal. This means that a creator is not possible.”
    How did the Universe come into existence? You believe that the Universe created itself? How did you come into existence?

    It really comes down to this….. God Exists. It is up to to decide if you want to believe in Him, to have Faith in Him. That is your choice because He gave you free will.

    There has been approximately 100 Billion people, give or take, that have ever existed on earth. It is a fact that not a single human being that has ever been born are completely identical, down to the individual characteristics, none are the same. How can you not marvel at that miraculous grand design? How can you not simply marvel at the fact that you even exist, that you can see, think, feel and comprehend to the degree that we do? To marvel at the complexity of our bodies and how it actually works? That the Universe was not created by a Creator of incomprehensible power?

  26. The problem is Partner that the assumption that the Universe is temporal and finite is created by Western Religions. Eastern Religions as their first principle recognize that that assumption is ludicrous…Eastern Religions have no God concept and yet they coexist and lead morally superior lives.
    An Eternal and Infinite Universe had no creator, and proof of this clearly proves that there is no God! Sorry if you are made of China and the truth might break you! 🎯

  27. Which God are you recommending anyway; The Judaic, Christian and Muslim stories are all three incredibly Stupid.
    My consolations and maybe seek some professional help!

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