Trump’s Narcissist Liberation Initiative

All Psychopaths and Sociopaths are Narcissists, but all Narcissists are not Psychopaths or Sociopaths. Unlike the other two categories Narcissists are effected by a sense of shame.

When you liberate a Narcissist from a sense of shame, like Trump is doing, you shift the bell curve of Narcissists to Sociopaths. As it is when left undisturbed Narcissists will routinely drift into Sociopathy when circumstances allow for this.

America is full of Narcissists, and Christianity creates them by encouraging a fantasy of exaggerated self-importance. When Trump advocates and legitimizes their hate he removes the shame that suppresses their worst instincts! 🎯

…American Exceptionalism is also Narcissistic/ Sociopathic and we witness the US continually expressing this not only at home with racism and mass murders but internationally on the World Stage!; The US government is predicated by Narcissism/Psychopathy, also known as; The Wolfowitz Doctrine, Neo-Conservative, American Exceptionalism…etc

If the US doesn’t support Terrorism then it should stop supporting White Christian Nationalists; Get them out of Government, out of the Military and out of the Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement! You can start with Trump, Pence and Bolton! 🎯

“The first rule is not to fool yourself, and you are the easiest one to fool.”

~Richard Feynman

One thought

  1. I think America’s quick growth and success, has created a national white narcissism. It’s like when success gives one a big head. I think reality is setting in as we watch Trump strut his Nationalism.

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