The End of the Enlightenment?

Liberal is a Latin word that when translated means “Born a Free Man” Somehow for some time now Liberal has been a Dirty Word. A life free of forced submission has become an offensive term. 

Liberal Democracies were first formed in the United States by men who had witnessed first hand the gross crimes committed by the Christian Churches. And being enlightened men who had read Spinoza and benefitted by the Guttenberg Press come to view religions as a threat. 

Jefferson, Franklin and Paine were Deists; They believed G-d created the Universe but let it go…people ruled themselves and more than anything else this new nation had to protect itself from the Christians(there were no Muslims or Jews).

The USA was the first experiment with Liberal Democracy(where people of diverse faiths and ethnicities could coexist peacefully).

When intolerance grows within a nation for Liberal Values it soon spreads to international levels and erodes every bodies trust in each other. It seems Liberal Democracy is being proclaimed dead and I’ve never heard that before. Is it true?

5 thoughts

  1. Somehow enlightenment is not allowed to really progress to fruition. I don’t think it ever happens. I wonder who has gotten the closest? Maybe humanity needs a fundamental change in consciousness, if that could happen.

  2. Interesting. I’m still learning a lot about history and politics. I have a hard time with timelines and really putting the pieces together. But this was interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Get a grip; We are talking about the end of the very principle that is the peaceful coexistence between different faiths and races…Liberal Democracy! The US was the worlds very first Liberal Democracy and now it’s turning it’s back on the concept opting for intolerance, persecution, authoritarianism and conflict!

  4. Kensho is correct here. The word has been turned on its head recently. Liberal politics in the nineties were right wing politics in favour of freer markets. Nowadays a liberal is a lefty.
    Either way a liberal still means a free man, but the meaning of words are being fucked with by opinion makers and uneducated folks.

  5. There’s always a difference between “denotation,” and “connotation.” While we may think we’re referring to the dictionary definition, the cultural understanding of the word becomes the popular use. Hence, communication suffers. One useful strategy might be asking, “Would you say more about your view?” So, all liberals or conservatives, “Would you say more about that?”

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