Infinite, Eternal and Self-Aware

One of the possibilities that resulted from Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is that the Universe may be infinite and eternal. This position was taken by both Aristotle and Spinoza. And they are correct that space cannot be contained because there is nothing capable of restricting it. Our Universe is not limited by the walls of a container. 

The cultural assumptions because of Western Religions has channeled scientific investigation away from an infinite and eternal universe simply because it contradicts the religious assumptions that G-d is infinite and eternal and has autononomy from a universe he created. As a result and in spite of it being problematic the Big Bang Theory has been largely upheld in popular scientific literature. 

The Spontaneous Creation Myth of Western Religion describes a universe created from nothing with a command by an autonomous G-d who fashions an autonomous Adam from the material he just created. In this story there is no relationship to G-d with the rest of the universe and no relationship through time in a process between mankind and nature either; Man was placed here and did not emerge from this world in a relationship with it in time and other creatures.

The fact is that there is no autonomy for mankind, you are a part of your environment and without it you do not exist. Mental phenomena are supported and altered by drugs, food quality, water, air, light, ambient charge and electromagnetic waves. The internal environment is also governed by physical circumstances of molecular biology and genetics. Life itself is a spontaneous process we largely ignore…you don’t beat your own heart and just as importantly you don’t shine the sun and you didn’t request being born.

The Abrahamic Religions are loosely based on monotheism in Christianity. For there to have been a creation event however G-d would have to be greater than the creation, but if the universe is eternal and infinite then Western religion has inverted the G-d concept. In an infinite and eternal universe an infinite eternal being would have to be the universe itself.

Considering the relatively new science that reveals the primacy of the Unified Field(Vacuum) in physics it’s now largely understood that all particles are entangled, that information is being uploaded and downloaded from and to the Vacuum in self-informing feedback loops. This suggests that the Universe itself is conscious.

If the universe is infinite, eternal and conscious then it is imminently G-d. The concept of an autonomous G-d is wrong and G-d is the Universe itself. A non-physical deity is nothing more than a group game of “Make-Believe” and the conclusion that G-d is instead physical is inevitable.

And so Reality is not non-physical but physical; Mind is not non-physical but physical, G-d is not non-physical but physical and spirituality is not non-physical but the elevation of the physical. And people who use non- verifiable non-physical claims are discredited.

The only academically acceptable formats are either linguistic or mathematical which are both symbologies with their own rule sets. Reality is not constructed out of words or numbers but they are useful in communicating descriptions of it. 

Computers also accel at recalling and manipulating these symbologies and are better, faster and more accurate at these mental operations than we are; Does this mean that computers have Supernatural Abilities and have a non- physical mind and soul? Or are the computers just an extension of physical reality? I think the answer is obvious…no magic, voodoo involved! 🎯

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  1. And, what can one say about those who believe all of this was created because of them? “They are crazy “. But, better maybe to say, deluded.
    From the kernel of belief in the great beyond, the supernatural was created. Religions were born promising blessings from the immaterial gods of the supernatural.
    It is a spectacular leap from early cosmological beliefs, to now believing that this entire show is all just for them! GROG

  2. All sounds about right to me. I’m not sure I ever liked the idea of a super power who created me anyway. Its all physical… Yes. But is it all deterministic? If so then why bother with anything. If not then we can try and imorove our lot.

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