“FAITH”…The licence to be a Sociopath!

Faith (as taught and practiced) is the promotion of an idea that makes absolutely no sense; It cannot be rationally argued for or verifiably demonstrated. Instead it depends on an abandonment of the principle of coherent thought that rejects the very principles of and the coherence of Nature itself. 

Faith is the alternative reality of the supernatural that without any credible evidence for is promoted shamelessly in spite of its contemptuous foundation.

The Natural World is empirical, it can be shared and it is subject to exploration, experience of, verification of and free investigation of by all participants. Articles of Faith are imposed unilaterally from authoritarian sources that require unquestioned submission in order to be implanted.

Faith is intentionally promoted by the authorities of faith to program stupidity in the  Faithful rendering their minds submissive/powerless to their assertions…”Be a sheep, be a sheep be a mindless flock of sheep”

Faith is established by deception, coercion, brainwashing and violence; All cults share this commonality including the Christian, Jewish and Muslim Cults. Typically the brainwashing starts at a very young indefencable age and strives to produce a product with the goal of an irrational mind pliant to commands and capable of anything(because of the absence of rational constraints).By its fundamental prohibition on reason(by definition) it establishes the mental framework that generates a dependency on authority-“Only the authority has the access required to determine what to believe”. In this way it degrades the Faithful.

The claim that people should not be attacked on their Faith is utter nonsense. This assertion is promoted by the Faithful and shields them from rational, objective criticism and responsibility(Narcissism/Sociopathy).

The actions of the Faithful often cannot be justified rationally. Acting out on their beliefs they are predictably troublesome, odious and dangerous to others. By offering Faith as their excuse they don’t feel the need to apologize either…because Faith based actions are beyond reason, beyond criticism and beyond culpability.

It’s little wonder then that ignorance is encouraged and elevated;  “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” 🎯

6 thoughts

  1. Very much agree. Happily those that I know in the Church of England are benign enough. Think Rev Septimus Harding. But lets face it Christianity has been as vile, brutal and stupid as Islam or any other nonsensical faith in the past. Good on you. We can do without such utter irrational and unprovable nonsense.

  2. I guess faith is still just hope or belief; meaning, something you don’t know but – believe.
    People can believe wrong things in maths or science, but normally they and the ones telling them are not modest or humble or admitting enough to change anything, this slows an, lets call it, enlightening process down – but this is not a free ticket to do whatever to believe. as you said: utterly nonsensical.

  3. Very good article which expresses your own particular points of view, albeit you sound perhaps a little angry…but you are very right, however, faith is the knowledge that what you want is real and will be yours. A world without faith, without the supernatural and the magical would be like living in a machine. Everything is not empirical. Everything on Earth does not follow or obey the scientific rules imposed by men. The Universe is vast and we hardly know anything about it and I really believe that most of what we do know is not really as it is taught to us. Evolution is a theory, not a fact. Space is a theory, not a fact as well…the only thing that we know to be real are our thoughts and through our thoughts we have faith. Shalom

  4. True enough, even Spinoza knew that Religion and Ethno-Politics cannot be separated and so he combined his treatise ” The Theorlogical-Political Treatise” that revolutionized the world and set up the framework for Western Liberal Democracies. Liberal Democracies are secular and prohibit by law the interference and domination of one religious or ethnicity group from seizing power and replacing secular laws with religious authoritarianism.

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