Un-American America

America, with its secular constitution became the worlds first “Liberal Democracy” where under the law every man was equal no matter what religion he belonged to. Paine, Jefferson and Franklin were Deists quite well aware of the carnage in Europe created by competing Faiths. In particular the Constitution was meant to block Christian churches from seizing control of government and governing by tyranny. Since that time the “Equality” theme has expanded to include the “Equality of Races” and most recently the “Equality of the Sexes” even though the ERA has still not been ratified. 

A Liberal Democracy then by promoting equality by constitutional decree is intended to provide a safe platform for a pluralistic society to live in peace and harmony. 

With Trump and his racially and religiously motivated claims of ownership is threatening the dissolution of Liberal Democracy replacing it with yet an anachronism of an ethnic-theological unilateral tyranny. If there is anything “Un-American” it’s the attempt by Trump and his Core Support to destroy Liberalism! Liberalism is what made America great, not religious extremism, sexism and religious tyrany! And Pain’s revolutionary “The a Rights of Man” is currently being threatened by re-establishing ” The Divine Rights of Billionaires/Kings!”

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  1. You do comprehend what “faith” by itself, as a word, translates to, right?

    Rid a nation of its faith, and you rid the nation of its backbone and it is like a ship operating without rudders. There is nowhere to steer it.

    “Equality” has no real meaning among life, and if you read my own blog posts, even badly, you’d comprehend what I mean. Among life, there is competition, and you mention “competing faiths” as though such a thing has deserved to be purged.

    What is so terrible about accepting the inevitability of inevitability? Humans are creatures, who, among life, have no “equality” directly due to that competition. Among life, there is constant dissatisfaction. There is constant choice. Indirectly, by promotion a world of “choice”, you create a world of inequality. You create a world of people who fight with one another, in the name of that equality. That is, in promoting liberation, you promote slavery, by having people longing for their control, though they’ll believe themselves to be free.

    I have written on this countless times, and it is my goal to defame American Democracy from its existence. I will terminate it, as well as Socialism, and it will see its end at my feet.

    Let that be known to you.

  2. I prefer to engage in a platform of verifiable rationality rather than a platform of boundless fantasy.
    Why is it do you think that Christians, Muslims and Jews cannot agree and give themselves fantastically ignorant listeners?…Could it be because of delusional paradigms?

  3. Let me explain this concept to you:

    The “power of reason”, also dubbed to be the “power to question” or the “power to question an authority” is merely the other polarity to which science explores. By “science”, I refer to what you’ve named to be “verifiable rationality”.

    The power to question remains as a question. Thus, we create a world of deceit, solely due to how a question operates. We create a world of no solved problems, and only the maintenance of issues for the sake of pitiful avarice. The power to question, is now the question to today’s world that asks, “What can I become?” It is, within your little realm of “liberation”, the idea formed that speaks of only the question, and never the answer. It is the ability to never become, remain forever unsatisfied to which business thrives from that dissatisfaction, and perpetually stare at unlimited paths within one’s sight.

    We now have that question of, “What can I become?” in contrast to a world of Faith, from the past, that stated, “This is who I am, and there’s nothing I may do for it.” The answer, from the past, is now the question. And there are unlimited questions, with only one answer to each. And still, we see colors, we see life, we see the dissatisfaction I previously mentioned. We praise the rainbow for “pride” while unknowingly promoting egotism and doubt. That uncertainty, that insecurity, connected directly to “the question” is in contrast to “the answer”.

    What the “scientific world” has only created is a world of countless question, in the name of that “freedom” to question anything. Such is not a way to live, but only a way to end life, by living in the fear of death that so much plagues our current world.

  4. The Jews have no concept of Hell, or of Satan…these were Christian inventions later adopted by Islam. All three religions make absurd claims that undermine each other.
    If there is no common ground, an underlying reliance on verifiable facts then there is no reason to coexist peacefully.
    Trumps core of Evangelicals, feeling cheated by reality are on a suicide mission aiming to engineer the end of the world. Cults like this are recorded for thousands of years and they haven’t changed fundamentally; when the faith is battered by reality badly enough the only recourse is suicide, and genocide…this is how faith works.

  5. Church and state should never mix. Rationality governs a state and faith man. If religion ruled governments, we’d be extremists, no better than those warring in the name of “God or Allah” now.

  6. America is “Constitutional Republic” not now nor never was a “Liberal Democracy” as it is being redefined in the last 30 years.
    I find your claim: With Trump and his racially and religiously motivated claims of ownership is threatening the dissolution of Liberal Democracy replacing it with yet an anachronism of an ethnic-theological unilateral tyranny. If there is anything “Un-American” it’s the attempt by Trump and his Core Support to destroy Liberalism! Interesting but as with all liberals without any facts to support it.
    President Trump and the deplorable’s are Constitutionalist, holding to what the founding fathers wrote and set forth as the core ethical and moral laws of this nation.

  7. The US was a Republic before Trump. A Republic is a nation ruled by Law(sorry to have to explain it to you).
    The US is also a Democracy(where people vote in their government)and has expanded the rights of full citizenship over time to different races and finally to women. Previous to this it was an Apartheid Democracy and then just a Misogynist Democracy and will be a full Liberal Constitutional Democracy in practice(not just in theory) after the ERA is finally ratified.
    Otherwise, Partner what is your point? It is certainly clear that the US was founded by Deists that intentionally blocked religions from participating in government and this was the most important thing they wanted to accomplish!
    Liberal means “Born a Free man”, it’s not a dirty word except to the enemies of the US itself. Are you an enemy of the state?

  8. The traditional meaning of the word liberal or “born a free human” has been obliterated by the leftist globalist establishment media which is ruthlessly pushing its left wing ideology which ultimately leads to a tyrannical socialist or communist ideology destroying individual rights and moral or ethical free speech. Neither the majority of the establishment Republicans nor the establishment Democrats give a shit about individual rights and moral or ethical free speech but are totally captivated by the ruling monied elite which is fundamentally monopolistic with a tyrannical collectivist ideology that destroys individual responsibility and individual rights. Immoral politicians prefer power over moral or ethical behavior and will rule ruthlessly if given the opportunity to do so.

  9. BS, so Public Education, Public Health Care, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance are Leftist conspiracies all the while Corporate Welfare, and Tax breaks for the affluent isn’t Fascism? The right wants anarchy for themselves and the rest to be ruled with an Iron Fist! You are so far out in LalaLand you’re pathetic!

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