Godless Infinity

“The simplest cosmology that fits the large-scale characteristics of the universe is the so-called Friedmann—Lemaître—Robertson—Walker cosmology describing a spacetime that is homogeneous (same everywhere) and isotropic (has no preferred direction).This simple cosmology is characterized, among other things, by a variable that represents spatial curvature. It can be positive, negative, or zero.

Our best observations to date strongly suggest that the universe has no spatial curvature. It may be expanding in time, but the geometry of space, at any given time, is Euclidean.

The simplest topology that corresponds to Euclidean geometry is that of flat, infinite space. So by Occam’s razor, i.e., the parsimony of assumptions, we can conclude that in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the universe appears infinite.”


Maimonides once said that if the Universe was Infinite and Eternal that the Torah would have to be reinterpreted; The Universe was never created, and there is no nonphysical supernatural.

Spinoza was excommunicated for the Infinite/Eternal hypothesis that is now proven.

It seems now that Judaism owes Spinoza the same apology that the Vatican gave to Galileo in 1987.

“Spirituality is not non- physical, it’s the elevation of the physical.”~Maimonides 😁

3 thoughts

  1. But I can appreciate the concept of god as the universe. A physical universe where consciouness is an integral force in the same way as electro magnetism. Who know…. Not I that’s for sure.

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