The Biblical argument for Abortion

The abortion debate is defined by religious groups like the Catholics and the Evangelicals and so you might assume that there is an argument for their assertions that can be pointed to in their sacred texts…but thinking this you would have thought wrong. There exists only strained arguments based on the declared ineffable word of God.

There is however an overlooked argument based on the texts that these groups do not recognize. The parallels in the Genesis creation story and the creation of Human life;

According to the story God took the clay from the Earth and formed it, but it was not alive or filled with the spirit of life until God breathed into the formed nostrils of the clay. This was inspiration that imparted by God animated the clay and created an autonomous being capable of reason, obedience, free will and able to choose.

The fetus in comparison from conception until birth is the forming clay and is not human in the Biblical sense; It cannot choose, doesn’t obey anyone, and has no free will. The fetus is nothing more than the forming clay, a spontaneous process of shaping and forming no more a human being than a raw egg is a chicken.

From the biblical perspective then the fetus is not human until its first inspiration(it’s first breath) at which point it, like the biblical God it is a fully autonomous entity with a living spirit…spiritus. The fetus from a biblical point is equivalent to the raw clay before it was inspired into humanity by the breath of life…until then it is nothing but clay.

10 thoughts

  1. A succinct analysis, as always. In relation to “no more a human being than a raw egg is a chicken”, of course one difference is fertilisation. With respect to free will (a problematic concept in general), it’s an interesting question to what extent it exists at or beyond the foetus.

  2. The fetus is a spontaneous process of biology, and not an independent, autonomous agent. Without autonomy there can be no free will. What choices does a fetus have?

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  4. This is misinterpretation of the Bible at it’s worst! Being a medical doctor I understand when the psalmist says in Psalm 139 that He saw your unformed substance, which means a stage when before the fetus is formed, more like a clump of cells. And all our days are written in His book before the birth, so to kill before birth would be murder, no less.

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