Ending the God Debate; Science Finally Proves God does not Exist

The Abrahamic religions assume that the Universe is finite and temporal. They then invent an autonomous entity that is Infinite and Eternal to explain existence and launch a Creation Myth.Eastern religions are Godless because they simply assume that the Universe is Infinite and Eternal; An Infinite/Eternal Universe had no beginning and no Creator.

A few years ago cosmologists took measurements that prove the Universe is Flat. This means that the Universe is Infinite/Eternal and that the Net Zero Energy Universe Hypothesis is also true. This proves that God does not exist as an independent autonomous entity and at best is a Pantheistic deity.

And so we can conclude that God is physical, spirituality is physical and mind is physical. There is no Supernatural nonphysical anything and people have only used nonphysical assertions to manipulate the stupid and to encourage stupidity and dependency!

No voodoo, no miracles, no psychics, no ghosts, no paranormal, no mind numbing nonsense. The Abrahamic Gods are impossible and do not exist. Welcome to Reality, we are on are own.

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  1. Not ever in time, past, present, or future, will the human race agree on one solid belief, regarding life, religion, and spirituality.
    I’m not sure if your intention was to convince the rest of us with this post… but, I, for one, continue to believe otherwise. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Thanks. May I throw in my nickle? The universe is 100% natural. The delusion of the supernatural was created by the human mind in the very beginning. Humans, for the most part, still suffer this delusion today. The delusion is the basis for religions, which are mostly benign frauds, except in the case of the Christian and Islamic faiths which pray for the end of the world. GROG

  3. I mostly agree, but it’s clear that the development of symbology through the ability to use language is the beginning of religion. There are two broadly acceptable processes of thought; Linguistics and Mathematics. Each operates under particular Rule Sets and neither is Reality, but are symbologies that we employ to think and communicate. Trees aren’t constructed out of words or numbers, they are Real(Reality).
    When it became possible to communicate with language so too the ability to invent Absurd Entities resulted; Centaurs, Griffins, Unicorns, Gods, and Demigods, etc..
    Thanks for reading! 😊

  4. Belief is not proof of anything, in fact it proves nothing. What science has now proven is that there was no beginning, no creation event. God is defined as the entity that created the universe. The Universe was never created and so the God theory is proven absurd!

  5. Of course it was language that made it possible to create the fraud of religion. Without the delusion of the supernatural there is not place for Gods to exist.

  6. The contents of the Universe have beginnings and endings but the Infinite totality seems to be unconstrained. Matter is an extension of space and space contains 70% of the energy. Even Aristotle recognized that there is nothing to contain the Universe.

  7. I’m not sure we are on our own. I think we can rely on people and things and ideas that probably rely on themselves. this might need a little explanation.

  8. As a group we are. But it’s interesting that consciousness is the result of organizing feedback loops. It’s been known for almost a hundred years that the Universe is self-informed through feedback through the vacuum. So it is very likely that the Universe is both coherent and conscious. There absolutely exists exquisite subtlety in physical reality. I suppose we have to keep searching for the answers

  9. Robert, I am praying for you. That God will remove whatever has hardened your heart and restore you. There are so many unexplained things is the Universe that we must accept that God is real. Who else can wake you up in the middle of the night so that you can go relieve your bladder? But if you have to wake up at 4:16 a.m. to catch a flight, good luck waking yourself up without an alarm clock or if that is not your biorhythmic time to awaken? I trust and believe that God is bigger than all of us because there is a spiritual battle going on right now that we can feel. I love you with God’s love and He loves you in an infinite amount. At one time, I did not believe in God or anything, but it was because of my own experiences, expectations and damage. God drew me back in to Himself. May He do the same with you.



  10. Partner I never said I was an Atheist anywhere at any time ever did I?
    I’m just saying Christianity is a “Joke” and so is Judaism and Islam. What don’t you get?

  11. Apparently you can’t read so I’ll explain it again;
    1.God is defined as the creator of the Universe
    2. The Universe is Infinite and Eternal and so the Universe was never Created
    3. Therefore there is no God QED

  12. Robert, thanks for the short article. I’ve heard of the confirmative tests for a flat universe, but admit I know very little about it. Because you’ve reminded me, I’ll do some research on it. Cosmological physics is utterly fascinating to me. As for the idea of God, I too, think it’s completely fictitious. Not that it matters what I’d prefer to believe (I care only for what is true, whether or not it’s pleasant or unpleasant), but I’ve always thought the idea of an authoritative sky-bully was rather destructive to the idea of autonomy.

  13. Yeah I agree…you can believe that we all came from the sky or whatever it’s sort of irrelevant to the material reality of science, and the material reality of life and death. Although I do think that some things are still mystical in the world and (as yet) unknown to us as a species and we should cherish those things as beautiful…like for example how the Big Bang actually happened. Like the immense complexity of the universe….also beautiful and not hemmed in by puny humans shouting out bullshit to each other from a tiny mote of dust in a vast cosmos.

  14. Yes but language and symbology are what made it possible for humans to evolve and grow our brains to get to the stage where we are at now, dominating everything else on the planet. Both a great thing to be in the comfortable and cosy positions on our sofas and ponder all of this using our gigantic conscious brains, but it’s also a bad thing because we’ve fucked up the planet with our intelligence.

  15. today I had a thought : maybe our universe is under 22 years old. that could explain why it’s still expanding. but you’re right: I can confirm our planet is alive. but I wonder how long she will tolerate the strange scene we offer her every day

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