God, the Psychopath 

If I took my cat and poured gasoline on her and then set her on fire for something she did a couple of days ago, would I be a Nut? If one of my children called me by the wrong name should I pour gasoline on her and burn her to death? If my wife had a “Naughty Thought” should I should I send agents to disembowel her, stone her to death and then set her on fire with gasoline?

Would you take your kitten and set it on fire for it doing or not doing anything? God puts babies to Hell for no good reason all the time!

How do you treat creatures in your care and how is eternal torture  and infinite cruelty a loving act? And how can a tyrant produce heinous crimes and then demand Love in return? A normal person can’t but a psychopath can.

It’s not surprising then that people following such a role model become themselves Psychotics. 

Texas is the worlds capital for mass shootings and has a Christian population of over 92%(a high percentage that are Fundamentalists). Every year Texas has the greatest numbers of mass shootings on the Planet. China and Japan have less than a 2% Christian population and neither country has ever had a single mass shooting event. China and Japan are atheists by Western descriptions and are more moral and stable than Western Christian and Islamic states. 

The demented West needs to get rid of their demented deities. And you can’t blame it on Judaism because Hell is a Christian invention that was later accepted by Islam making them both two of the Sickest religions on Earth.

How Stupid is God allowed to be? Should children be suing their parents for mental abuse from their religious indoctrination?

“They hate us for our freedoms. They hate us because we are so good.” ~George W. Bush

11 thoughts

  1. I appreciate your take, and the bravery it took to post it. I began pulling away from Christianity because of the rampant hate associated with the religion, but I never considered the Christian concept of god as the culprit.

  2. Complete sense. Heaven & Hell were created to control people. Made by rich important assholes. Still today some insurance companies use an act of god to refuse a claim and if you’re religious you will not contest it. More fool them. However if they tried it with me I would want proof he done it and proof he exists. Payout you robbing shits

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