Anti-Abortion for The Pro-Slaver State

The Roman Empire was a Slaver-State that in 325 AD established a Fascist Slaver-State Religion called Christianity. The social and financial structure of a slave based economy was promoted through the Doctrine of “The Divine Right of Kings” which mirrored the authoritarian Kingdom of God which dealt in the inerrant right of the establishment to compel unquestioning obedience, stupidity and dependancy. In short the new Christian church established the theology that would go on to support a thousand years of tyrannical slavery in Europe called Feudalism.

Being property not much different than livestock it was considered that any progeny of the slaves were the property of the Lords. To end pregnancies before birth was to diminish the financial circumstance of the slave owners. It was bad for business when free labor and free soldiers were being destroyed directly. The Pope is also a King of Rome as well as the Bishop of Rome. The church needed slaves to increase its wealth, power and influence.

It’s not a coincidence that the Evilgelicals and Cathololics( two prominent Slaver Theologies) are so opposed to abortion. Conception itself is not even a Biblical event describing the Inception of the Spirit of Life…that would be the First Breath, like Adam when God blew Life into the nostrils of the formed clay.

Abortion is opposed not for Biblical or moral considerations, Anti-Abotion is the artifact of the Pro-Slaver Theologies!

2 thoughts

  1. Yes there are one or two things not discussed in church. The fact that the game is stacked against the punter who is never going to make it. Like passing judgement on those of a different denomination. The total absence of anything that smacks of normal healthy bodily functions.
    Am I to take it that you don’t like religion on this site?

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